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Laboratory Automated Storage

Laboratories can now reduce the floor areas dedicated to storage and use that floor space to add new tests and new automation.  Getting storage of specimens, supplies, reagents, kits, etc  off the lab floor and into a compact

storage system can also improve inventory control, speed up access, save energy and manage purge dates and use dates.    There are cost-effective solutions for all of these storage needs. 

Specimen storage may be at ambient, in coolers or in freezers.  Data systems  track specimens to a rack and shelf location and pick lights point operators to the specimen requested for fast access and high accuracy.

Automated storage in coolers hold reagents and kits and track dates stored to help manage pulling materials with valid dates
to insure that results are accurate and dependable.

Ambient systems provide direct access to every specimen stored within seconds of a request. 

These space saving storage systems will give you the confidence that your specimens are maintained at the right temperature and present them on demand at a convenient workstation

Blocks and slides are stored with immediate and direct access to any single item stored.  Pick lights point the operator to the pick and/or restore positions. 

Robots identify and store bar coded specimens.  With bar code and date tracking, robots will also assemble

specimens for tests, perform audits and purge outdated specimens without human intervention and with extraordinary accuracy. 

Vertical storage systems range in height from 8 feet to more than 30 feet, and reduce the floor space you now use to store these items by 50% to 75% and more.  Vertical systems can also serve more than one floor when they are extended between floors of a building or hospital to store and deliver product.  These systems may also be attached to the outside of a building replacing all of the floor space you now use for storage to the addition of capacity or new tests.  Furthermore, all of the storing and retrieving operations are performed at a convenient height which improves operator safety and ergonomics. 

Whether your storage needs call for, manual handling or for robotics, you can store and track specimens, reagents, kits, supplies, slides, blocks and more at ambient, cold and freezing temperatures with 100% selectivity.  Fully automated put-away, direct access to any item within seconds and an automated purge system for expired specimens and products is today’s technology and is ready to handle tomorrow’s needs. 

Contact us for a free, no obligation, survey of your storage and handling requirements and see if you can free up the floor space you need to add new tests and grow to meet growing demands.

For more information and for a free, no obligation, survey, please contact us.


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