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Herb Straight, General Manager,

To whom it may concern:

David Sidor created a revolution in our business back in May 1981. We were in need of warehouse space for additional new parts for the 757 and 767 airplanes. We had our facilities organization working on a project to obtain the necessary space in an adjacent warehouse. Dave introduced me to an automated storage and retrieval system that after analysis made it possible to realize the necessary warehouse space without relocating part of our inventory to another building.

The revolution had begun. Didn’t know it at the time, however, what I learned that day changed my managerial career significantly. We embarked on a program to accelerate our business into the twenty first century in materials handling concepts.

The story regarding the initial carousel installation is an in depth examination of what can be accomplished with PIH’s expertise.

Since the initial 24 carousel installation, we added 16 carousels for small part, a customer accumulation carousel and a vertical carousel for records storage at Auburn, WA.

In 1991 we requested Dave to help us again as we were breaking ground on a 15 acre distribution center at Seatac. He installed 40 carousels for small parts storage and retrieval, with many ergonomic enhancements, plus the space and concept for future expansion was set in place to enlarge our system to 84 carousels.

PIH also designed and installed an eight carousel system at our new distribution center that has contributed to major cycle time reduction in our small packaging customer accumulation and overboxing process. They also relocated our vertical carousel from Auburn. We designed our traffic and freight dispatch office so that we had immediate shipment document accessibility with the vertical system.

Product Support is of top priority at Pacific Integrated Handling. Dave has probably the most experienced and enthusiastic people in the industry on his team. Immediate response, quality and integrity are uppermost in their attitude, actions and results.

It is quite obvious that we at the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group Customer Services World Wide Spares Distribution Centers value our business relationship with Dave Sidor and his associates. We have improved our past and current processes greatly and have projected a high probability of continuing future enhancements and support with Pacific Integrated Handling as a team member.

Herb Straight

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