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Dec 18

Pacific Integrated Handling

Transforming Storage Efficiency: Modula's Vertical Lift Module Revolution at Piper Mechanical

Posted by Pacific Integrated Handling

Exciting developments in industrial storage and inventory management are unfolding at Piper Mechanical with the installation of Modula USA's Vertical Lift Module (VLM). This state-of-the-art equipment is revolutionizing their approach to managing and storing inventory. At Pacific Integrated Handling, we're proud to specialize in these innovative automated storage solutions and are keen to share the benefits of this technology.

The Revolution of Vertical Lift Modules:

The Vertical Lift Module at Piper Mechanical exemplifies the efficiency of modern storage solutions. By incorporating the VLM, Piper Mechanical has significantly reduced the amount of static shelving required, freeing up valuable floor space and transitioning to a more dynamic storage method.

Advantages of the Vertical Lift Module:

  1. Space Optimization: VLMs utilize vertical space more effectively, significantly reducing the storage footprint compared to traditional shelving.

  2. Enhanced Inventory Control: Advanced software in these systems provides real-time tracking and management of stock levels, ensuring precise control over inventory.

  3. Increased Productivity: Automated storage systems streamline the retrieval process, saving time and reducing manual efforts.

  4. Improved Aesthetics: The sleek and modern design of the VLM not only saves space but also enhances the visual appeal of the workspace.

Why Choose Pacific Integrated Handling for Automated Storage Solutions?

Pacific Integrated Handling is dedicated to delivering top-tier automated storage solutions like the VLM. We understand the diverse storage challenges across industries and offer customized solutions to address these needs effectively. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting and implementing the right system for your business.

Experience the Future of Storage:

Interested in learning more about these advanced storage systems and how they can benefit your business? Visit our contact page for more information. We're excited to show you how these solutions can transform your operations.


The successful implementation of Modula's Vertical Lift Module at Piper Mechanical demonstrates the significant impact modern storage solutions can have on efficiency and organization. As we continue to innovate and embrace new technologies at Pacific Integrated Handling, we are committed to helping businesses enhance their storage and inventory management systems. Visit our contact page to explore how we can help revolutionize your storage strategy.

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