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Mar 01

Pacific Integrated Handling

VarioFlow Plus Conveyor ProBuilder

Posted by Pacific Integrated Handling


Pacific Integrated Handling is an authorized VarioFlow Plus conveyor ProBuilder.  Being a part of the ProBuilder network enables us to meet the challenges of any project by designing fast and flexible solutions.  We stay up-to-date with training, new product development, and solutions suitable for any application.  Whatever the application is we can take the project from start to finish.  The flexibility of the Varioflow Plus conveyor system is easy to design into any application.  Whether it is a stand-alone VarioFlow Plus system or it needs to be integrated with an existing system, our product knowledge of VarioFlow Plus conveyors as well as other material handling systems and conveyors enables us to seamlessly integrate VarioFlow Plus with existing layouts.  Once the design is done we can be on-site to assist with installation or do a full installation if required.  Since the VarioFlow Plus system can be assembled in 30% less time than the competition, installation is much faster and greatly reduces the cost.

Being a ProBuilder, we have the expertise to provide solutions for many industries including pharmaceutical & nutraceutical, consumer goods, packaged foods, optical products, electronics, and many others.  Since Bosch Rexroth is worldwide we receive support regardless of the location.  All components are standardized and systems are easily serviced due to the modularity of the product.  Whatever the application is, we have the project management expertise to make any project a success.


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