Service, Maintenance & Parts

Your equipment installation is complete, but our commitment to your satisfaction and the peak performance of your system never ends.

Service, Maintenance & Parts

At Pacific Integrated Handling it is our goal to maximize your equipment’s uptime, productivity and lifespan. We understand that downtime means low or, worse yet, no, productivity. This includes equipment that has been installed by someone else. It is very common for companies to set up service contracts with PIH or call us for service and parts after the warranty period is completed.

Through scheduled maintenance, standard and available 24/7 emergency service, and spare parts availability from PIH’s inventory or our quick ship suppliers, we make it easy for you to maximize your equipment’s reliability and longevity.

  • Scheduled Maintenance Programs
  • Service & Repair
  • Spare and Replacement Parts

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance is the first step in extending the lifespan and maintaining the productivity and reliability of your equipment and systems. The objective of PIH’s Scheduled Maintenance Program is to identify minor maintenance issues before they become major unplanned, expensive system crashes.

Our service technicians are factory-trained and authorized to conduct maintenance on all of the products that PIH sells. Furthermore, even if you didn’t purchase your equipment from PIH, with over 30 years of automation and integration experience, rest assured that we have the expertise to inspect and maintain your equipment and, perhaps more importantly, identify developing problem areas.

We offer standard scheduled maintenance contracts or we can customize a program specifically for your wants and needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our Scheduled Maintenance Programs.

Service & Repair

In the event that you experience an event as serious as a complete system crash or as simple as a slight malfunction, Pacific Integrated Handling’s Factory certified technicians are ready to help.

To us “Downtime” is a dirty word and the mission of our service department is to get your system back up and running immediately. Occasionally we can accomplish this with instructions over the phone but more often than not we need to get on-site to make a repair or replace a defective component.

Fortunately, we maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts and a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles.

For either standard or emergency service please contact us at: 888.550.5888


One of the most effective ways to prevent unplanned downtime of your system and the equipment that makes up your system is to replace worn parts and components before they become a problem.

At Pacific Integrated Handling we have an extensive parts inventory. To add an extra level of insurance, frequently we recommend that our customers keep a spare parts kit on hand to insure that they have the most common replacement parts on hand. This gives you peace of mind that in the event you experience a crash of your system, you will have parts available to make the repair. Our service manager can assist you with putting together a spare parts kit for your specific equipment.

Even if PIH didn’t design and install your system we have access to most major equipment supplier parts and components.

Contact us today for your spare or replacement parts needs.

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