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Corey Rose,

The onsite training developed and presented by PIH provided an accelerated learning curve for the Portland Truck Plant and the employees responsible for the design and build of materials presentation.

The technical support to set up our in-house shop was outstanding. Not only did PIH provide quality advice but also the equipment suggested to streamline our own production has elevated our work shop to improved standards and safety.

The quality of Bosch extrusion and especially the fasteners and connectors are far superior to other systems we have trialed (80/20 & Creform). Particularly the fact that additional steps are not needed to ensure connectors do not come loose (addition of lock tight etc.).  An example of which is 2 carts that we built, one out of Bosch & one out of 80/20. The Bosch cart has been in service for over two years and has not required any maintenance, while the 80/20 cart was requiring almost daily tightening of one fitting or another (eventually it was torn down).

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